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Aug 30

Object Mapper Extension Method

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Many times I need a small piece of code that will help me map one object to another. I see it a lot when dealing with view models : taking a business object and modeling it to serve the needs of the presentation layer.

There are many solutions to this problem:

  1. Target objects with a constructor that take the source object as parameter
  2. A factory method that does it.
  3. Just a simple piece of code that does the mapping.

When dealing with large applications where this process occurs many times, I think a generic procedure should take place. I also keep in mind the need to keep these object ready for serialization. So I came up with a simple extension method:

public static TTarget MapTo<TSource, TTarget>(this TSource source, Func<TSource, TTarget> mapper)
   where TSource : class
   where TTarget : class
   return mapper.Invoke(source);

and usage:

public class Source
    public string SourceName { get; set; }

public class Target
    public string TargetName { get; set; }
Source source = new Source()
    SourceName = "source"

Target target = source.MapTo(x =>
new Target() { TargetName = x.SourceName };
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