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Jan 25

Book Review: PHP jQuery Cookbook By Vijay Joshi



PHP jQuery Cookbook by Vijay Joshi is great way to start creating rich interactive web applications, with all the buzz and phuzz. If you are new to web development and want to get started swimming with the sharks of web design, this is the book for you!

The book, with it’s 332 pages of content, is built as toolbox for achieving common web tasks.

Stating with the simple tasks of using jQuery to manipulate content on the page, using animations, drag’n’drop and binding to common events like mouse and keyboard, and moving on the combining server side coding with PHP. Ajax, XML,  validating and submitting forms, its all here.

Each task is described clearly and the the steps are easy to follow.

I enjoyed reading it, and following the code taught my a thing or two. Great Work!

If you are a beginner – this is want you need!

Luckily you can get a sample of this great content here!

Php jquery cookbook

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